Delivery Info

Shipping, Processing & Tracking.


  • Processing time Can take up to 6-10 Business Days. Once your Item is Processed & Completed it will be Shipped in the Same day or Next Business day. we have a lot of customers to deal with and a lot of orders to be fulfilled but we try to respond to any messages within 48 hours and we try to have our orders shipped out


  • Once it's Shipped you will get a Email update with the Tracking number and it can take up to 1-5 Business Days to Arrive Depending on What you Purchased. You will Have to Sign for your Package for Delivery. If you cannot sign for it, it will be held at the post office to be picked up and signed for there.


  • Inside the box with your item if you purchased a Console, Send in or Hard drive. Anything to do with RGH/JTAG you will get a " Setup info + Help" Paper which you can view below. It will send you to a link/video showing you how to use your rgh console. If it is your first time please watch every minute of the video to helo you understand a lot of the basics on using the console. it will also give you more Links that will help when using your consoles if you run into Issues.





 If these answers don't help, Please Read our FAQ.