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About Sharky's Customs LLC

Welcome to Sharky’s Customs LLC!!!
may know me as @Davisornaw or Mad Shark bite. I started back in 2011 fixing, customizing, and re selling consoles online. Now in 2020 me and my brother (AquaSilvermist.com ) are Bigger, Better, Smarter, and providing only the Best consoles in the USA. I do Disk Drive Repairs, Red Ring Repairs, RGH/JTAG installs, Custom LED’s, CNC Cut Outs, and Laser Engraving. Feel free to purchase a console or send yours in! Check out my work if you have not seen it on Instagram @Davisornaw. I appreciate every single one of you that supports Sharky’s Customs LLC, and hope you all stay safe during COVID-19. Thank you all for checking out the site!

Details about our Services:

  • Soldering Skills: A+ (Professional) The RGH/JTAG Install will always look good and will be clean for maximum reliability and boot times.
  • Professional RGH/JTAG Installs, Customizations & Repairs.
  • 30 Day Warranty on all Consoles - Free Replacement If any issues. (View Policy)
  • Lifetime Tech Support Service for RGH/JTAG (ONLY IF YOU BOUGHT FROM ME)
  • Kik & Texts is where i Respond to messages right now. (Contact Us)
  • I have Built and sold over 4000+ Xbox 360 Console’s. I have more than enough Experience to complete your order.
  • Youtuber since 2011 Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/MadSharkbite
  • More than Enough Proof on the internet of my work (google me)
  • Instagram with all my work: @Davisornaw


We have Provided the Best Services Around to over 4000 People and Counting!

 Here are a Few Examples of what we can do

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We Even Fix Garbage Installs!

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As you see above. Even Known Sellers Rip you off and Charge you a lot of money for Bad work. 

Our work:

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We Will Always Provide the Best, Reliable & Clean Quality work. We Always Clean up flux and Clean our Consoles from inside and Out. We are not Glue Crazy either like some Sellers.

At Sharky's Customs LLC You won't receive Garbage! We do Real Professional Quality Installs & Other Great Work! We Also Provide LifeTime Support when you purchase from us as Well.


We Offer Better Repairs, Better Consoles, Better Support!

Why Keep Looking?


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 Out Of Country? No Problem. If you're looking to buy a console outside of the USA Go to this trusted website: https://aquasilvermist.com


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