Send in Service | RGH/JTAG Bricked Repair, Unbricking Service | Xbox 360


Bricked RGH/JTAG Repair - Unbricking service

This is a Repair for your RGH/JTAG Console if you bricked it.

This is a Send in service. You must ship your console in to me to get fixed.

If you have a Bricked RGH or JTAG Console that doesn't boot up to the Dash send it in for only $40 to get it fully working & updated again.
This also Fixes:
- Fatal Crash errors
- Frozen on Xbox logo
- won't boot Xell
- Won't boot To dash
- Xbox Shuts off at logo
- No power at all
- (Bad Nand Flash)
Please note if the Nand is fried I will charge $15 extra to replace the Nand.
No power & Bad Nand Flash might actually cause the Nand to be fried


After Unbrick your console will be updated to the Latest Dash (17511) for Online Play Ready.

Please make sure your console doesnt have red ring. if it does i will charge you $60 to fix it. If you already paid the $40 you will have to pay $20 extra.

Please Read the Send in Info under the Shop tab to learn how to send it in.

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