Custom Zephyr RGH2 w/40GB HDD, Blue ROL LED's and 2 Mod Menus! Online Ready!!!

$109.99 $140.00

MUST READ >> Description:


Shipped within 10-15 Business Days. Read more Here 


This is a Modded Xbox 360 It's a RGH2. It works exactly the same as a JTAG.



 -----What this Console Includes:

  • Free Setup Video + Learning the Basics
  • 40GB HDD & 2 Mod Menus: Jiggy 4.5, GTA V With Multiple Mod Menus, Online Ready with Multiple Servers included.

  • Aurora 0.5b.

  • Dash Launch v3.19

  • FreeStyle Dash 3.

  • Xex Menu 1.2.

  • XM360.

  • Simple 360 Nand Flasher.

  • Stealth Server (You Choose Above)

  • x1 Unabnned Kv


----What the Console Does NOT Come with:

No Cords Unless Selected

No Ethernet Cable

No Controller

Phats do not have A wireless Adapter built in like a Slim does

Wireless adapter. Cords, wires & controllers are not Included.. you can find these in my shop.




Reliability? Pros & Cons:


12v Fan Mod & New Thermal Paste to Stay Cool and Long Lasting.

Online Ready (Will need a Account & Active Stealth Server)

Very Cheap & Affordable



Zephyrs are "Ok Consoles" which i have Stress Tested each one and i only will Sell the ones that Passed.These are more prone to red ring than a Falcon, Jasper or Slim. but with These Simple Changes i Have Done to the console it should work without any Issues If not then the 30 Day Warranty Covers you with any Hardware Failure (Not Software) Read Warranty

The only thing bad about Phats Than a Slim Console is the Wireless Adapter for Internet Connection. Phats as in: Xenon, Zephyr, Falcon & Jasper's Do Not have a Wireless Adapter. This is really the only bad thing about a phat other than it's a little bit larger than a slim as well.


------Console Specs:

Updated to the Latest Dashboard: 17526

Case Color: White

30 Day Warranty

HDMI & AV Input

3 USB Inputs (1 Back, 2 Front)

1 Ethernet Input

4GB Memory Installed

RGH2 Install

Chip Installed: Ace v3

Boot times: Instant to 45 Seconds Max

You will need Wireless adapter or Ethernet cable to connect & play/mod online.

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