Custom Xbox 360 Black Jasper Elite RGH1.2 - LEDs of Your Choice!




Shipped within 10-15 Business Days. Read more Here 

This is a Modded Xbox 360 It's a RGH 1.2. It works exactly the same as a JTAG.


Please Note:

this is just the Console Only which means: It's just the console... it doesn't come with anything. Please read below to see what it comes with.


Reliability? Pros & Cons:


This is the most Reliable console you can buy. It may be older but, A Jasper will out last any other Xbox 360 Console ever made. RROD Is extremely hard for them to get. Hardware Failure on these consoles is a Very Low chance of Happening.



The only thing bad about Phats Than a Slim Console is the Wireless Adapter for Internet Connection. Phats as in: Xenon, Zephyr, Falcon & Jasper's Do Not have a Wireless Adapter. This is really the only bad thing about a phat other than it's a little bit larger than a slim as well.

a Wireless Adapter can be found in my store.


------Console Specs:

Updated to the Latest Dashboard: 17511

Case Color: Black

30 Day Warranty
HDMI & AV Input
3 USB Inputs (1 Back, 2 Front)
1 Ethernet Input
RGH 1.2 Install
Chip Installed: Cool Runner Rev C or D.
Boot times: Instant 98% of the Time
You will need Wireless adapter or Ethernet cable to connect & play/mod online.


-----What this Console Includes:

Free Setup Video + Learning the Basics

It's Just the Console only. it doesn't come with anything.

You will have to purchase everything Separately or in the Selection Boxes Above.


----What the Console Does NOT Come with:

No Hard Drive Unless Selected

No LEDs Unless Selected

No Cords Unless Selected

No Wireless Adaptor Unless Selected

No Ethernet Cable

No Controller

Phats do not have A wireless Adapter built in like a Slim does

Wireless adapter. Cords, wires & controllers are not Included.. you can find these in my shop.


-----Files installed (ONLY if you purchase a Hard drive with your Console)

-Aurora 0.5b.
-Dash Launch v3.18.1
-FreeStyle Dash 3.
-Xex Menu 1.2.
-Simple 360 Nand Flasher.
-Stealth Server (You Choose Above)

- All Setup Files Including Plugins and 1 Setup Files 


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