Custom Limited Edition Gears Of War Xbox 360 Slim RGH2. 320GB, Red LED's & Controller




This is a Modded Xbox 360 It's a RGH2. It works exactly the same as a JTAG.


Reliability? Pros & Cons:


This is one of the most Reliable consoles you can buy. a Slim is Very Reliable and will last you a long time. Although the Jasper Console is More Reliable. but Slim's offer more.

Wireless Adapter Built into the Console so you don't have to Buy a Add on Adaptor.

Slims are Smaller than a Phat and Take up less room.



Only thing Bad About Slims is the Price is more Expensive than a Phat.

Jaspers Are More Reliable than a Slim (Most People Will think otherwise)



------Console Specs:

Updated to the Latest Dashboard: 17511

Case Color: Red / Black (Limited Edition)

Red Console LED's (ROL & FAN)

30 Day Warranty (Read our Policy)

Slim is Touch Sensor instead of Push

HDMI & AV Input

5 USB Inputs (3 Back, 2 Front)

1 Ethernet Input

1 Kinect Input

1 S/PDIF Optical Input

RGH2 Install

Chip Installed: Ace v3 or Cool Runner

Boot times: Instant 98% of the time to 30 Seconds.

Built in Wireless Adapter

----Controller Specs:

Limited Edition GOW Controller with Custom Red LED's


-----What this Console Includes:

Free Setup Video + Learning the Basics

320GB Hard Drive (With Files)

Limited Edition Controller


-----Files installed 
-Aurora 0.5b.
-Dash Launch v3.18.1
-FreeStyle Dash 3.
-Xex Menu 1.2.
-Simple 360 Nand Flasher.
-NiNJA Stealth - 11 Month Kv Life. you must Purchase a Token from their Website. XBLS.NiNJA

*Mod menus of your choice if selected


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