Please Read The Terms for Sending in.

Before we Give you the Address to ship your console, Please Read everything here as it is your Responsibility to

Not ours. 


  • NOTE: All I need is the console, and hard drive if you have one Nothing else included. NO Cords, USB Flash Drive, USB Passport Storage or Controllers, There will be a extra $25 shipping fee if you have shipped the controller or cords with the console because I do not need them, We have everything we need here to use your console. if you include a USB/Pass Port you will have to pay shipping for them back.
  • NOTE: I won't Format your hard drive or delete anything off it, if I do have to remove something I will contact you and ask for your permission first. if you don't have enough space, We can Always work something out and Upgrade you.
  • NOTE: If you don't include a Hard drive, your console will not be set up and you will have to do it all yourself. Here are some tutorials.
  • NOTE: if you don't have a hard drive, you can always purchase one from our shop.
  • NOTE: If you include a Hard drive with your console, You do not need to buy a new one from me because your HDD will be preloaded with all the files below for no extra cost! And No a Flash drive will NOT Work.. DO NOT SEND ONE!


Here are the Files you will Get Preloaded on to your Hard drive.Not Counting the Mod menus that you Purchased if you did purchase any:

  • Aurora 0.5b.
  • Dash Launch v3.18.1.
  • FreeStyle Dash 3.
  • Xex Menu 1.2.
  • XM360.
  • Simple 360 Nand Flasher.
  • Plus Plugins
  • Multiple Stealth Servers.


Thank you for Reading everything. You are Ready for the Last Step.