Shipping your Console in to us

Please Package your console Very good as shipping can be very rough and damage your console if not packed well. It is your Responsibility to Pack it well to get it from Getting Damaged, Please Read our Warranty Policy.


Note: You will Pay shipping to us using your own box, We Ship it back to you for free.

Note: There is no Order Number for Cash Orders.


  1. Package Up your Console well. Recommended Box: Medium or Large Flat Rate box.
  2. Must Include the Needed Papers: (Order Number Form if paid with Credit card) or (Info Form + Payment if you paid with cash) DO NOT FORGET THIS OR YOUR SEND IN WILL GET RETURNED
  3. Then Take it to USPS (Post Office) FedEx and UPS Do not deliver to PO BOX's.
  4. Purchase Postage or Print online at
  5. Get it Shipped to:

Sharky's Customs LLC,

PO BOX 130,


Please Then Message me on kik Explaining that you have Shipped your console.

We will Then Update you once the Console has been Received.

It will take up to 15 Buisiness Days From Received Date to be Completed and Shipped out.

(Question's & Answers)


Q?: How does the send in work?

A: It's very Simple. You ship me your console, Pay for the services, then I do what I got to do to it and ship it back.



Q?: How long does it take?

A: Doesn't take longer than 10-15 Business Days for your item to be Prosessed, Completed & Shipped out. Once its shipped its USPS's Job to get it to your door step in 1-3 Business Days (Depending where you live) Once they Try to Deliver the Package, You WILL Have to sign for it to be delivered. If you are not home at that moment to sign for it, Don't Worry. It will then be held at the post office to be picked up.



Q?: How do i know when its shipped?

A: You will receive a Email from us. That email will Include a Tracking Number, How to Set up your console & More basic info that you need to know about your RGH/JTAG.



Q?: Will I have to install Anything to go online and play on Xbox live?

A: if you include a hard drive when you send in your console, It clearly says above what the hard drive will be preloaded with. All consoles will be online Ready & Fully Setup if you include a hard drive or buy one from me.

Please Note: you will have to purchase Ninja stealth or a different stealth server to play online. all you have to do is Read the email that you will receive from us once the item ships. That will include a How To Set up your Console Video which can be found here. You will need to watch this video & read the email. It will explain all the basic things you need to know about your RGH/JTAG.