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 Please Note: if you purchased on the Site and paid with a Credit/Debit Card, Do not follow this Page. Go HERE and follow that page instead.

To Calculate a Price for your order, Go to the send in server Page and Select your item, Fill it out and add it to your cart. it will then have all the Info ands total price ready for you.


Heres Video Showing how to do it all correctly:

If you're sending in your console to get fixed, and not modified as in RGH/JTAG Only..  Skip section 1 and move to section 2.



 Section 1.

Please Identify if your console is a Phat, Slim or Slim E. Make sure its moddable.


Please note: i will not be modding Xenons or Zephyrs due to their terrible reliability.



If you are unsure. Message me on kik for assistance and i can identify your console by you sending a picture of it to me.

Contact Us

Xbox 360 Consoles available for a RGH Installs by our services



Falcon - 2007-2011

Jasper - 2008-2011

Some could have been Refurbs and Are still supported if date is higher than listed



Trinity - 2010-2012

Corona - 2011-2013

Some could have been Refurbs and Are still supported if date is higher than listed

-----------Slim E-----------

Corona - 2013-2014

Not all of these Corona E consoles are RGH Able. if your console Manufacture Date (MFD) is passed 08-14-2014 then its not able to be a RGH Console and is Deemed to be a Winchester Console which is currently not Moddable. Last updated 9/4/2016

Section 2:


Before sending in your console. You must first purchase a send in from our store 

Why Must you Purchase From the Site first? You Need to get an Order Number which we can then identify your Console & Order!

This Must Be included when you send your console in!:


*Your Full Name (First & Last Name)

*Full Address including Street, Zip & State.

*Phone Number

*Kik & Instagram Username on paper included with the console when you send it in.

If you don't include this then I won't have any way to contact you or tell whose order is whose, you MUST Include this!!

Go Here to Print out the Form to Fill out above. (Optional)

You can Also Fill out the Form Using: PDF filler

  • NOTE: All I need is the console, and hard drive if you have one Nothing else included. No cords USB Flash Drive, or controllers, There will be a extra $25 shipping fee if you have shipped the controller or cords with the console because I do not need them, We have everything we need here to use your console :)
  • NOTE: I won't Format your hard drive or delete anything off it, if I do have to remove something I will contact you and ask for your permission first. if you don't have enough space, We can Always work something out and Upgrade you :)
  • NOTE: If you don't include a Hard drive, your console will not be set up and you will have to do it all yourself. Here are some tutorials.
  • NOTE: if you don't have a hard drive, you can always purchase one from our shop.
  • NOTE: If you include a Hard drive with your console, You do not need to buy a new one from me because your HDD will be preloaded with all the files below for no extra cost! And No a Flash drive will NOT Work.. DO NOT SEND ONE!

Here are the files:
Aurora 0.5b.
Dash Launch v3.18.1.
FreeStyle Dash 3.
Xex Menu 1.2.
Simple 360 Nand Flasher.
Plus Plugins
Multiple Stealth Servers.

Ship Your Console Here:

I'd highly reccomend you to ship it Insured Priority Mail (USPS) so you can track it.



Sharky's Customs LLC
P.O. Box 130
Brightwood, VA 22715

(Question's & Answers)


Q?: How does the send in work?

A: It's very Simple. You ship me your console, Pay for the services, then I do what I got to do to it and ship it back.



Q?: How long does it take?

A: Doesn't take longer than 10-15 Business Days for your item to be Prosessed, Completed & Shipped out. Once its shipped its USPS's Job to get it to your door step in 1-3 Business Days (Depending where you live) Once they Try to Deliver the Package, You WILL Have to sign for it to be delivered. If you are not home at that moment to sign for it, Don't Worry. It will then be held at the post office to be picked up.



Q?: How do i know when its shipped?

A: You will receive a Email from us. That email will Include a Tracking Number, How to Set up your console & More basic info that you need to know about your RGH/JTAG.



Q?: Will I have to install Anything to go online and play on Xbox live?

A: if you include a hard drive when you send in your console, It clearly says above what the hard drive will be preloaded with. All consoles will be online Ready & Fully Setup if you include a hard drive or buy one from me.

Please Note: you will have to purchase Ninja stealth or a different stealth server to play online. all you have to do is Read the email that you will receive from us once the item ships. That will include a How To Set up your Console Video which can be found here. You will need to watch this video & read the email. It will explain all the basic things you need to know about your RGH/JTAG.


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