Nand Updating Service (how to flash)

Theres 2 ways to flash this image.

through xell or through simple 360 nand flasher

XELL ( This method does not work for 4gb Coronas) Use (S3NF) below.
To write it through xell, simply put the updflash.bin file on the root of your USB Flash drive
then plug the flash drive into your xbox, then boot xell by pressing the eject button only.
it will load and it will tell you that the updflash.bin was found. let it write & when its done writing. then you can restart your xbox.


Simple 360 Nand Flasher (S3NF)
doing this through neighborhood using (S3NF), You will copy this updflash.bin file into the Simple 360 Nand Flasher Folder
make sure you put this File into the Folder that has the Default.xex for the 360 Nand Flasher.
The Load the Default.xex and Write the Nand.



Dash Launch 3.19

After image has been written through xell or S3NF, Install Dash Launch

you will now need to install the latest dash launch which is 3.19
copy and paste the entire Dash Launch v3.19 folder on to the root of your hard drive or into 1 Setup Files.
then Start Dash Launch v3.19 by running default.xex. if it asks you to update click yes.


You may need to update certian plugin files like stealth servers. Go to the owners website and download the latest files then put them on
your console.

Thank you!
- KIK: MadSharkbite