How to RGH a Slim

First things you Need:


Ace v3

Postfix Adaptor for V3 Coronas.

Nand X with Programming Cord and USB cord.

Nand Reading wires for Nand X

And all the other needed bullshit to solder.

1st. you need to install the chip. Trinity and Corona Diagrams are below:




2nd, install the Nand reading wires make sure nothing is bridged

3rd, plug the power into the console but don't turn it on. connect nand x, and On jrunner Click Read Nand, get at least 2 Nand reads. After both are done it should say "Nands Are the same" if it says "Oh no" nands are not the same and you need to do it again until you get 2 of the same Nand reads.

4th make sure glitch2 is selected at the top right, then Create Ecc & Write Ecc.

5th, unplug nand x wires, then program the Ace v3 chip. Up top click Advanced, Click Porgram
CR. Use file: Ace Time files>trinity>300MHZ>62.6>.07 and make sure XSFC is selected and click program, (Green light should Show up on the chip for a few seconds)

6th, Unplug everything, then Turn it on and it should boot Xell. Then get the CPU key and type it in on the CPU key box. It should say the CPU key is correct.

7th. Once CPU key is correct make sure glitch2 is selected and click Create Xebuild and it'll ask if you want to delete the SMC. Click no.

8th. Then click Show working folder and drag and drop The file that is named as the consoles serial number, to the desktop. You want to save this folder. Then go into the folder and drag and drop updflash.bin into the nand loading bar, Then write Nand.