Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ:

 #1 Asked Question: Q?: How Long does Shipping Take or When Will my Item Ship & Will i get a Tracking Number?????

A: Shipping, Processing & Tracking:
Processing time Can take up to 10-15 Business Days. Once your Item is Processed and Completed it will be Shipped in the Same day or Next Business day. Once Shipped you will get a Email update with the Tracking number and it can take up to 1-5 Business Days to Arrive Depending on What you Purchased. You will Have to Sign for your Package for Delivery. If you cannot sign for it, it will be held at the post office to be picked up and signed for there.




Q?: What is an RGH/JTAG & What does it do?

A: Click here to find out as the Best Answer Explains. ^^




Q?: Does a RGH or JTAG work online? and will I be able to mod online with aimbot & mod menus?

A: Yes you will be able to host online with mods JTAG'S & RGH Consoles Work online but you will need to use a Stealth Server to play online, as well as a kv.



Q?: Do I have to pay for Gold to play online?

A: No The stealth That will be put on your console Spoofs Microsoft Servers to think you have gold, So the answer is no, But some older games do require gold to match with players online Like: MW2/3, All Halos, etc....



Q?: Will my console come setup & Online ready? Or will I have to install everything?

A: Your Console will Come Setup & 100% online ready if you buy a hard drive, or include one When doing a send in. & Inside the box with your item if you purchased a Console, Send in or Hard drive. Anything to do with RGH/JTAG you will get a " Setup info + Help" Paper which you can view here. It will send you to a link/video showing you how to use your rgh console. If it is your first time please watch every minute of the video to helo you understand a lot of the basics on using the console. it will also give you more Links that will help when using your consoles if you run into Issues.



Q?: Will my accounts or console get banned?

A: yes, this is a modded console, Microsoft does not want you to have this and use it on their servers, so they will ban you from playing on XBL once they catch you which could be Hours, Days, Weeks, Months... this all depends on your Kv life, KV Life depends on what server you use. I am not Responsible for any type of bans.



Q?: How will I keep my console from getting banned

A: you will have to use What is called "Stealth" there is offline files & there are Stealth Servers. Stealth servers require your CPU key to be authenticated at boot up and your console must be connected online to use it.. I do not sell any servers.




Q?: How will I unban my console or Account?

A: Your account Cannot be unbanned sorry, but your Xbox CAN be unbanned by buying a new unbanned Kv. They cost about $3-7-10 depending on who you buy from.




Q?: Where do I buy kvs from??

A: Legit KV Sellers: https://pastebin.com/ajCnyqBF




Q?: Is a RGH or JTAG Illegal to buy/sell/own

A: No they are not illegal to Sell, Own or buy.





Q?: Does your consoles come With a warranty? if so what does it cover?

A: Yes please read above under the "WARRANTY/POLICY" section.





Q?: How does the send in work?

A: It's very Simple. You ship me your console, Pay for the services, then I do what I got to do to it and ship it back.




Q?: How long does it take for a send in service to be completed?

A: Doesn't take longer than 10-15 Business Days to be completed & Shipped out. I am a very busy seller but i will have your console shipped in 10-15 business days (unless told otherwise)





Q?: Will I get a tracking number and will I get to see a picture of my console?

A: Yes, You will get a tracking number as soon as it ships. You Will get a picture of your console ONLY if you purchased custom LEDs. You will receive these details through email Once the console is shipped! Do not Ask for one until it's shipped. Rushing me will cause delays. Read our TOS





Q?: How do I know You're legit?

A: I literally have Enough proof everywhere all over the Internet, I don't need to explain my self. You can learn to do research.





Q?: Do you mod Xbox one?

A: Currently 2016, No one is modding Xbox one because it has not been exploited yet....





Q?: What are your prices?

A: GO to our shop.