Custom Black Xbox 360 Trinity Slim Dual Nand (DEMON) 2 in 1! with A LOT OF STUFF


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This is not for New Inexperienced users! This console is not like a Normal Modded Xbox. in fact It's Better but More Difficult to understand at first! This is a 2 in 1 console, What does that mean? It means you have 2 Options with this Console.

Option 1 (Retail) Play Legit just like a Normal console with no Mods at all.

Option 2 (Modded RGH) Play online and Mod with Mod Menus, Stealth and all that.



How is this Possible?

This Console has 2 Nand's. Nand 1 is the RGH Modded Nand. Nand 2 is your Retail Nand With no Mods and works just like a normal Xbox 360 would.

There is a Switch on the Back of the Console, When The LED Lights up Blue, this Indicates you that your console is on the Modded Nand (RGH Nand)... if the LED is not Lit up, then you are on the Stock Non Modded Nand. you can Also switch your Nand By holding the Sync Button for 2 Seconds.


Can/Does a Dual Nand Get banned? Sadly unlike any console it can get banned. And This is one of the Most things we worry about. You must keep a KV.bin on the RGH Side at all Times. If you get the Current Original KV Banned that is Flashed to the Nand, You could get banned. Then all you will have is a Expensive Console with a Worthless Feature. If this happens there will be no Returns on these consoles at all! To Avoid this issue we will Flash a Old Banned KV to the RGH Side so then you will not have to worry about getting the Non Modded Side banned at all. Once you get it in your RGH Nand Side will be banned and you will need a New kv (THIS IS FOR YOUR SAFETY WHILE USING THE CONSOLE)


Can your Dual Nand Get Bricked? Yes you can Brick it but Thankfully it's Super easy to unbrick you can do it yourself for free as long as you have a computer. Using Jrunner, Demon Drivers & A USB to Micro USB Cord (which will be Included) So Really Your console Cannot even be Bricked because you will have the Resources to Fix it for free without having to send it to anyone. Plus When purchasing from me you get Lifetime Support so you can always Ask me for help.


Is Updating a Dual Nand Easy? The Normal Retail Side will update Normally without having to do anything Fancy. On the RGH Side you will have to Update the console Using XeBuild which i have Videos on how to do that. We Ship out all of our consoles on the Latest Dash so you will not have to update it when you get it.

We Try to make everything as Simple as Possible for Our Customers!


Please Note:

This Console is Not for Inexperienced Users. But if you need help you can always Ask me for help (Contact Us) and we will be happy to help you i you bought from us. If you don't have some sort of Computer or Desktop, i would not recommend getting a RGH/JTAG/DUAL NAND


Reliability? Pros & Cons:


This is one of the most Reliable consoles you can buy. a Slim is Very Reliable and will last you a long time. Reliability is Right up With the Jasper Consoles which are #1 in Reliability!

Wireless Adapter Built into the Console so you don't have to Buy a Add on Adaptor.

Slims are Smaller than a Phat and Take up less room.

This is a 2 in 1 Console. Retail (Non Modded) & Modded. You're Able to switch between the 2 when ever you want! Perfect for someone who Likes to Mod but also Play legit. As with a RGH You cannot play legit. With this you have that Option.



Only thing Bad About Slims is the Price is more Expensive than a Phat.



------Console Specs:

RGH Nand Updated to the Latest Dashboard: 17511

Retail Nand Updated to the Latest Dashboard: 17511

Case Color: Matte

ROL LED's (Power Button): Rainbow

Inside Fan LED's: Rainbow

Outside Fan LED's: Music Box LED's (w/Remote, + Color Changing)

30 Day Warranty (Read our Policy)

Lifetime Support When Purchasing from Us

Slim is Touch Sensor instead of Push

HDMI & AV Input

5 USB Inputs (3 Back, 2 Front)

1 Ethernet Input

1 Kinect Input

1 S/PDIF Optical Input

RGH2 Install

Chip Installed: Ace v3 w/TX Demon Dual Nand Installed

Boot times: Instant 98% of the time to 30 Seconds.

Built in Wireless Adapter


-----What this Console Includes:

  • Free Setup Video + Learning the Basics

  • USB to MIcro USB

  • Demon Drivers & Jrunner

  • 500GB HDD

  • 15 Mod Menus: 

  • Zombie Land 

  • Jiggy v4.5 

  • Bossam v6 

  • The Purge v3.9 Cracked

  • Last Oreo v2 

  • oCmKs 

  • Project TCM v11 

  • Predator v6.7 

  • BzH35's MoDz 

  • Fenix v5 

  • ZM Hells Vengance 

  • Loz M v2 

  • Project Iconic 

  • iMCSProduction Mod Menu v1 

  • XeCheats v2

  • Aurora 0.5b

  • Dash Launch v3.19

  • FreeStyle Dash 3.

  • Xex Menu 1.2.

  • XM360.

  • Simple 360 Nand Flasher.

  • Stealth Server (Multiple)

  • Unbanned, and Online Ready


----What the Console Does NOT Come with:

No Cords Unless Selected

No Ethernet Cable

No Controller

No Kinect


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