Custom Xbox 360 Phat ROL Board RF / Power Button / Ring of Light


X1 Custom Xbox 360 ROL RF Board Ring Of Light. For PHAT with the LED’s Of Your choice!


if you select ‘Custom’ Leave a note what colors you want with this below:


1st: color 2nd: color

middle: color

3rd: color 4th: color


This ROL has Bright Green LED’s which is different from the stock LED’s. 


We are not responsible for anything that happens to Your console, You are. You will need a T8 Torx bit, A Phat opening tool or a small pick to take the vents back case off and take out the 3 screws to swap the ROL boards.


This will fit your Xbox 360 Phat console. 


This will NOT fit a Slim or E slim console. 


These are Used ROL Boards and we have many available. The Old LED’s have been removed and New Super Bright Green LED’s have been professionally soldered with high quality solder and flux. All of the flux has been removed and cleaned after soldering.


Free Shipping, Bubble wrapped and shipped to your door!


Thank you so much!

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