Custom Black Glossy Xbox 360 E Slim RGH2 (LED's of Your Choice)


MUST READ >> Description:


Shipped within 10-15 Business Days. Read more Here


This is a Modded Xbox 360 It's a RGH2. It works exactly the same as a JTAG.


Please Note:

this is just the Console Only which means: It's just the console... it doesn't come with anything. Please read below to see what it comes with.


Reliability? Pros & Cons:


This is one of the most Reliable consoles you can buy. a E Slim is Very Reliable and will last you a long time. Although the Jasper Console is More Reliable. but E Slim's offer more.

Wireless Adapter Built into the Console so you don't have to Buy a Add on Adaptor.

Slims are Smaller than a Phat and Take up less room.



Only thing Bad About Slims is the Price is more Expensive than a Phat.

Jaspers Are More Reliable than a E Slim (Most People Will think otherwise)



------Console Specs:

Updated to the Latest Dashboard: 17544

Case Color: Matte or Glossy Black

30 Day Warranty (Read our Policy)

HDMI Port only

5 USB Inputs (3 Back, 2 Front)

1 Ethernet Input

1 Kinect Input

RGH2 Install

Chip Installed: Ace v3 or Cool Runner

Boot times: Instant 98% of the time to 30 Seconds.

Built in Wireless Adapter


-----What this Console Includes:

Free Setup Video + Learning the Basics

It's Just the Console only. it doesn't come with anything.

You will have to purchase everything Separately or in the Selection Boxes Above.


----What the Console Does NOT Come with:

No Hard Drive Unless Selected

No Mod Menus Unless Selected

No Cut Out Unless Selected

No LEDs Unless Selected

No Cords Unless Selected

No Ethernet Cable

No Controller

Phats do not have A wireless Adapter built in like a Slim does

Wireless adapter. Cords, wires & controllers are not Included.. you can find these in my shop.


-----Files installed (ONLY if you purchase a Hard drive with your Console)

-Aurora 0.5b.

-Dash Launch v3.18.1.

-FreeStyle Dash 3.

-Xex Menu 1.2.


-Simple 360 Nand Flasher.

-NiNJA Stealth - Zero Time Remaining... Must Purchase a Token from or use a Free Server to Play Online.


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