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Need a Recovery, Co-Host or a Modded Lobby?

I'm your Girl. Read My prices below, Contact Info is below as well!


My Services: GTA V Only Currently




We use: XBLS.NiNJA Its a Very, Very Rare Chance that any of my Customers or even my self will get banned... Most Modder's Use Cheap, Unreliable and Most of the time free servers they find off the internet. Which will cause you to get banned because free servers have no bypasses. I use a Top Quality Server That has Flawless Bypasses Which is the Perfect protection for you and I.



Instagram: @Shotgunmods   Kik @Shotgunmods

I will Reply Pretty Fast Within 10 Hours. I have school to attend to but after that i am Free for the rest of the day to do mods for you guys!



1st. We are not responsible for any type of bans

2nd. Each Service is for 1 Person each. Not multiple people unless told or purchased otherwise.

3rd. No refunds or exchanges unless told otherwise.

By paying me, you automatically agree to all of this.


 Amazon, credit card or cash & money orders only.

if you have paypal you can purchase a Amazon Gift Card with

Message me on kik is you want to pay with amazon



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